Design Trends 2016

January 18 2016  |  By: Steve Johnson In: News | Blogs

This January most predictions for the design sector’s year ahead seem to look predictable, which of course is ironic.

But here's a Design Trends 2016 infographic that caught our eye for several reasons. 

It gives interesting examples of the trends, it begins by listing ongoing trends which gives a better sense of continuity than most, and it’s packaged into a quite pleasing infographic.

For the record, the trends it lists are:

Continuing design trends

  1. The rise of Flat
  2. Full-screen videos as backgrounds
  3. Mobile + social integration
  4. Responsive

New design trends

  1. Wider font availability means harder typography decisions
  2. Increased minimalism
  3. Storytelling is increasingly important
  4. Card-based interfaces on the rise

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