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A new survey has just been published, primarily on B2C content marketing. Marketers surveyed were from multiple sectors and company sizes. Although they are from North America, these surveys often give useful benchmarks and trends.

The survey shows that there is a clear need for agency help. 63% of marketers think their current content marketing maturity is adolescent or worse:

Sophisticated, 13%
Mature, 24%
Adolescent, 24%
Young, 27%
First steps, 12%

77% expect to spend more money on creating content in 2016 compared with 2015:

Half say this is an increase in spend. By the way, the figure is about the same percentage with B2B marketers.

What social media works for them currently? Facebook still rules:

How effective are paid advertising methods for B2C marketers today? The biggest rise was for promoted posts, which grew from 47% to 61% over the year:

What percentage of their marketing budget (excluding staff) is spent on content marketing? It grew from 25% to 32% in one year.

What are the top challenges for these marketers? Producing engaging content comes top:

It is interesting to note that 21% of respondents said gaps in the knowledge and skills of their internal team were their top challenge. 18% said their top challenge was finding or training skilled content creators. All of this points to a continuing strong need for outside help.

Finally, what’s their main priority currently? A massive 73% said that creating more engaging content comes top:

It all points to ever-growing opportunities for creative agencies, digital agencies, PR consultants and other marketing-related firms. Client need, client awareness of in-house deficiencies, and budget -- it's all there...


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