Advertising agencies report increased business

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Trends

A new survey in the US shows that 53% of advertising agencies are reporting business is increasing.

The agencies were asked: Did you see your business increase or decrease compared with the same period last year?

Other highlights of the survey:

  • 40% of agencies plan to hire extra staff in the second half of this year, the highest in the survey's five years.
  • Nevertheless, attracting new clients is now the top challenge for 33% of agencies.
  • 71% report more interest in streaming / online video because of improved ROI, partially due to increased confidence in more accurate targeting and increased reach.
  • 40% of agencies are making at least 20% of their buys programmatically.
  • 32% of agencies say they are more focused on digital than any other medium.
  • Facebook is top social media choice for 96% of agencies, a 14% increase from a year ago. YouTube is second at 68%, followed by Twitter in third at 53%. Instagram jumped into the fourth spot for the first time as top social media choice for 40% of agencies, surpassing LinkedIn (28%).

The survey was carried out by a media buying software company.

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