Return to double-digit growth for UK PR consultancies

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Agency opportunities | PR consultancies

A new survey reveals that the PR sector in the UK witnessed income growth of over 10 per cent.


  • Overall average growth of 10.4%
  • Over half of PR consultancies had double-digit growth
  • Growth is strongest in smaller firms and those £5-10m in size

£1m-£2m returned 12.3 per cent growth.
£2m-£3m: 9.5 per cent growth.
£3m-£5m: 8.9 per cent growth.
£5m-£10m: 14.3 per cent growth.
£10m+: 9 per cent growth.


  • Average gross income per head has increased by 3.4 per cent to £96,945, up from under 1% last year.
  • Confidence within the sector is good. However the pace of technological change makes it increasingly challenging, and other disciplines continue to encroach on PR territory



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