New research on optimal number of images in eshots

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Agency opportunities | Marketing | Marketing agencies | marketing research

A new report gives insights into

  • the ideal length of text
  • the idea number of images

in eshots in order to optimise clickthroughs.

Lines of text

How many lines of text deliver the best results? According to this survey, the answer is 20. Under and over that number the clickthroughs are very poor. It's rare to see one magic number giving such a clearcut result, so it's an interesting result.


Number of images

Regarding images, the optimal number for clickthroughs is one. Two is OK. Three and above are poor. Presumably this is a factor of the amount of emails being read by mobile devices today.


The analysis is by an email marketing company with US and UK offices, and was based on over two million emails.


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