Consumers see marketing as a game

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Advertising agencies | Content creation | Digital agencies | Marketing | Marketing agencies

Mindshare, the £20billion global media agency, have just published their 2015 trends report that includes some fascinating research about consumers. It’s US based, but surely has resonance everywhere. Here's a summary:

Marketing is relentless

66% of consumers say that they ‘feel like I’m always being marketed to.’

Reduced trust in advertising

Over the last ten years, the percentage of consumers who say ‘advertising helps me learn about the products companies have to offer’ has decreased from 52% to 41%.

Savviness: Marketing as a game

Quoting the report: 'Many consumers have always understood how marketing works. However with the explosion of new marketing tactics and the pressure to grab consumer attention in a fragmented media environment, marketing feels more like a game than ever.'

Playing the game

31% of consumers say ‘When shopping online, I’ll intentionally leave items in a shopping basket in hopes of receiving a discount from the store, e.g. via email).

This impacts marketing agencies, advertising agencies, digital agencies -- in fact just about anyone offering a creative service. We all know that consumers have become more savvy than ever before. But if literally two-thirds of audiences feel like they are always being marketed to, and trust in advertising declines more than ten percent in a decade, and a third of consumers brazenly call retailers' bluff over abandoned shopping trolleys, that's surely a step change.

You could argue that if all consumers treat it like a game and play it to their own advantage, that's one set of problems. But consumers who see it as a game and are turned off by it all present a quite different set of problems. Either way, they don't believe a word of what they see...

Of course, this only creates new opportunities for agencies. The bar is higher and the stakes are bigger, so any team that can shine through and make an impact in spite of the obstacles is worth gold.

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