What percentage of emails are opened by mobiles?

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Email openings by mobile vary considerably by audience sector. Overall, the numbers are so high that it’s yet another reason to say that the imminent death of email marketing is greatly exaggerated. Indeed, there are many who say it continues to reinvent itself and find new ways to thrive.

First, those numbers. A recent email marketing benchmark report from permission marketing company Sign Up To shows a wide spread of mobile open rates by sector.


Even the lowest figures, those of the IT and B2B sectors, are higher than you might have expected. To have 28% - 30% of emails to the most business-minded of audiences opened by mobile device is a clear sign of the times. If you were planning a B2B campaign, would you have automatically assumed that a third of those reading it weren’t using a desktop?

If you wanted to see one overall statistic of email opens by mobile, here are some recent ones.

Last month, Litmus, the email testing company, said that 49% of emails are opened by mobile.


Adestra puts the figure at 45%, whereas Experian make it 53% for mobile or tablet, an increase from 48% from the previous quarter. Finally, DDMA put it at 43% for B2C and 27% for B2B.

Some contributory factors

Adweek recently wrote an article saying that the growth in

  • user-generated content
  • segmentation, and
  • automation

are causing brands to turn to email as a way of blending the best of today's data boom with the holy grail of personalization. They quote an email marketing company as saying:

"Years ago, there was this huge threat that social media was going to kill email off, and now we're seeing that they work together pretty nicely."

The article explains that while a lot of marketers emphasize the benefit of user engagement on ostensibly social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, most brand activity in social still tends to be more like broadcast ads aimed at as many fans as possible. Email holds more keys to personalized marketing, especially since an email address “can be linked to a myriad of other data”.

In a comment particularly relevant to marketing agencies, digital agencies and PR firms, they quote an email company as saying "We think email has the capacity to facilitate truly one-to-one custom relations and dialogue. I think the challenge we still see with social media is that brands still use it as a megaphone to their customers."

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