What’s the single biggest reason people flag emails as spam?

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Agency opportunities | Marketing | Marketing agencies | marketing research

A new poll shows insights into why people reject emails as spam nowadays.

What would you have expected? That the emails weren’t relevant to them? No. The biggest reason for people hitting the spam button – quoted by almost half the survey participants – is that emails from the brands were being sent to them too often.

Why subscribers flag email as spam

It’s a sobering thought. You work hard to find the right audience and craft the right message for them, but you still get flagged as spam simply because you were just a bit too eager. Quantity is clearly a massive turnoff.

To check if the survey participants really meant it, the next question was ‘How could businesses improve their emails?’ And the answer, by a wide margin, was to send emails less often.


The survey took place a couple of weeks ago, in the USA. Is it likely that an identical UK survey would produce wildly different results? Probably not.

What’s the good news? It’s this: that your clients mustn't get too greedy with email. They need to use a wider range of channels, which is good news for creative, marketing and digital agencies alike to help them achieve that.



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