High income men still read newspapers and magazines

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Advertising agencies

Where do high-income males turn for their information nowadays? How does their pattern of viewing ads differ from the rest of the male population?

A new survey reveals that high-income males are much more likely to read newspapers and magazines, watch TV, listen to the radio, see billboards, read emails and direct mail and view websites than the rest of the population.

In fact of the ten activities surveyed, the only two that wealthy men do less of is visit social media sites and view YouTube.

Of course this has sparked the debate as to whether this is all an age thing. Wealthy men don’t tend to be young, so they are unlikely to act like digital natives.

But either way, it’s a reminder that not everything happens at the leading edge of change. If your audience is rich, note that things don’t happen there at quite the breathless rate that confronts the rest of us.

One observer noted that if that’s the case, one day in the future when printed newspapers are finally disappearing, the last one standing will be the Financial Times. So if someone asks you the question ‘What will newspapers of the future look like?’, the answer is easy. There'll only be one. And it's pink.

Wealthy males key

Wealthy males chart

Source: US data from the Shullman Research Center, via AdWeek.

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