Survey of client marketing priorities

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How do your clients prioritise their marketing goals? When clients talk to an agency, what do they really want to achieve?

It's often a challenge to cut through all the words and find out precisely what clients want. This is something that every agency in marketing, digital, communications and advertising faces every day. For example, how much emphasis does the client put on lead generation versus increasing income from existing customers? And how important is return on investment on their marketing spend to them?

A recent worldwide survey of 3,500 companies sheds some light on the answers. The following graph, derived from HubSpot's State of Inbound 2014 report, shows that companies are nearly twice as interested in creating new leads than generating more revenue from existing clients.

Client marketing priorities

The respondents of the survey seem wide ranging. 66% were B2B, with 21% B2C and 5% non profit. The range of company size was also very wide. And although the survey was carried out by HubSpot, less than half of the respondents were their clients. The international split was about 78% US, 15% Europe and 7% elsewhere. So it does seem that the basis for the report is going to have validity.

One notable point is that only 7% of respondents put Reducing the cost of leads as their top priority. They want new business and they are prepared to pay for it.

In summary, the focus is clearly on that old one-two punch: Getting leads comes first. Turning them into customers comes next. Everything else is further down their list. When you're pitching to potential clients, it's probably quite easy to forget how simple their primary objectives can seem from their side of the table.

Source: HubSpot.

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