The Paradox of Agencies and Brand Uniqueness

 |  By: Steve Johnson In: Agency differentiation

Here’s a little paradox. Every agency has incredibly strong views on branding, and many develop brands for a living. Many have a model of the various elements as a template to discuss the issues with clients. One of my favourites has always been this six-way brand strength model.


Whichever model you use, Differentiation is bound to be a key element, of course. Agencies are thought-leaders at helping clients create brand uniqueness. Without differentiation, what hope is there for the brand?

So where’s the paradox here? It’s in the way agencies differentiate themselves from other agencies. It’s the positioning that’s hardest of all, because there’s the usual temptation to list everything you do, which can sound awfully similar to the same everything that the next agency also offers. All very ironic. So what’s the answer?

We were chatting to LHM, a Birmingham-based digital agency, the other day, and we discussed this very point. As a result they were good enough to come up with an infographic on how they differentiate themselves. It begins with a way they’ve created an offering that no other agency can match. See ‘Differentiating an Agency’  at


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