Synergist sponsors Agency Leadership Assembly

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Agency Leadership Assembly 2Organised by Marketing Industry Network (MiNetwork), the day’s agenda includes:

The future of agency leadership. The five stages in an agency’s lifecycle. How to increase profitability. Legal issues. Pitch making. Building a team. Raising finance for agency growth. Handling procurement departments. Tax issues. Going global. Planning your exit.

“It’s rare for agency leaders to get together and discuss crucial issues like these,” said Nick Lane, Director at Synergist. “Ambitious leaders of independent agencies are smart, creative and hard working. But they also look to learn from others wrestling with the same issues. What works and what doesn’t? What tools are out there that can really make a difference? How can margins be managed, risks reduced and opportunities seized? These are big questions, and the rewards for getting them right are great. We look forward to the day and to swapping ideas and experiences.”

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