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IphoneSynergist, the job costing and project management system for agencies and marketing departments, is debuting its forthcoming iPhone / iPad app at Manchester’s TFM&A 2012 event on 30 May 2012.

“It means that team members who are mobile and need access to live client and job information can do so anytime, anywhere” said Synergist MD Keith White. “It makes for real-time information access on demand, delivering a big increase in productivity and client service.”

“10,000 users rely on Synergist every day,” said White. “This new app gives them the total visibility they have in the office even while they are out and about.”

Users will be able to access client and contact data plus customisable information on activities, opportunities, jobs and projects. “Today, systems have to work harder to give agencies the tools needed to satisfy demanding clients. With this app, being mobile doesn’t mean a compromise in accessing crucial data, whether it’s something simple such as client contact details or something complex like live thermometer-based job status information compared with budgets spent. It’s a compelling development, and the other piece of good news is this: We’re not charging our clients for the new service.”

The iPhone application will be demonstrated at the Synergist stand, CEN 206, at the Manchester Central (GMex) venue at TFM&A on 30 May 2012.

Contact: Nick Lane, Synergist, 01625 572690.

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