A trend for our times

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Synergist has announced that the number of agencies and consultancies becoming Synergist customers in 2011 increased by 50% over the previous year.

“It’s a sign of the times” said Keith White, Managing Director. “Margins for a lot of agencies have shrunk and show no sign of rising any time soon. Many clearly believe now is the time to adjust to the new world. They are choosing Synergist in record numbers to gain better control over jobs. For example, they want to know which jobs are going to be making money and which aren’t, in time to do something about it.”

“In today’s climate the agencies that are addressing profitability, staff optimisation, prompt invoicing and job visibility are far more able to cope with the new margins” said White. “They want a system that takes care of the fundamentals so they can focus on creativity and client development.”

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