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Welcome to our series of Micro Reports. The first one, Dealing with Loss of Control and Visibility, is published now and available for you to read or download.

The reports are a collection of musings, provocative questions to ask yourself and hints and tips.

Through transparently discussing some of the most common pain points that plague business leaders during periods of growth and change, we hope to ignite debate.

Most importantly we hope you find some solace and reassurance in the fact that you aren’t suffering alone.

In the first report Matt Smith, CEO of BDB discusses the factors that cause the loss of control and visibility associated with growing pains. You can view the mirco report as a PDF or view it online

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Scalability, Financial control and Business development

Control and Visibility 

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This Micro Report is approximately a six-minute read. You will gain insights in these areas:

  • Planning. How to have a plan and stick to it.
  • Time. How to use your time more wisely.
  • Focus. Tips to keep you focused.
  • Distance. Tools to help the control freak in you delegate.
  • Team. Advice on growing and nurturing your team.
  • Standards. How to maintain standards as you personally step back.

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