Synergist supports seamless remote working

Your complete Synergist system is accessible from any location via a browser. This means that your teams can securely access your system from wherever they're working. Be this home, another of your offices or even a client’s office. Synergist also offers a streamlined interface via iOS & Android app, ideal for when you’re on-the-go.

Many agencies have been champions of flexible working, understanding the benefits such as appealing to the best recruits, less office-related overheads and offering employees flexibility. But without the right system to manage this, it can quickly become very confusing and non-productive.

If you’re working remotely, but in an information silo, then all the same issues of siloed office-based working intensify. This is particularly troublesome for collaborative project work, where cross-team visibility of upcoming tasks and other project info is essential. If you're juggling multiple projects, with ever-evolving updates, a solid system to support you is key. Being a strong communicator, without software support, will only get you so far.

In this page, we outline the key features within Synergist that aid seamless remote working, so project collaboration at it’s finest can continue whether you’re working from home, another office or the coffee shop between meetings.

One collaborative view across the agency

Having one robust system that holds all your valuable project data including schedule, estimates, Kanban boards, project documents and timesheets is invaluable. Never more so than when working on projects remotely. Nobody in a project team is an island, and using one system for all this key project information provides the whole team with one clear and accurate view of exactly what they should be working on, how long it should take them and where the project is up-to against budget and other metrics.

As well as giving every team member access to see the information they need for their role, Synergist ensures everyone inputs into the system as well. So everyone can see in real time what the whole team is working on and the implications of their work. For example, the implications of timesheets are immediately reflected across all reporting and in all views. So a Project Manager can see how the project is progressing without having to chase individual team members, which is more difficult and time consuming from outside the office. And any slippage from the project timing plan is immediately visible.

This singular, collaborative view is a huge project asset when you’re office-based and when you’re working remotely, or across multiple office locations, it’s absolutely crucial.

Clearer communication with clients

Having one live view of project progress is not only valuable for internal communication and collaboration. Many clients see their agency as an extension of their in-house team. Therefore, no client wants to hear “let me check when I’m back in the office.” Especially if the agency holds crucial information on the project that could bring it to a standstill. With Synergist, all the project information is clearly visible, so it’s very easy to answer client questions promptly and accurately wherever you’re working.

And if a client wants to know about the financial side of a project, Synergist can also show this information instantly. Providing clients with such information in a timely manner shows transparency and efficiency, which really helps build a long-term relationship. If it takes days to get financial information together, and when it’s presented there are innocent mistakes or questions that can’t be answered, it can leave you open to greater scrutiny and make it harder to justify your figures in future.

Visibility across projects and the wider agency

Synergist's schedule and Kanban boards provide every team member with evolving visibility of exactly what they should be working on. But crucially, within Synergist it is also very clear to see what whole project teams and/or departments are working on, no matter where they are working from. This visibility aids quicker and more informed decision making across the agency.

Relevant team members can make decisions about the implications of work over-runs, changes to resource availability or the need to fit new wok in, without having to sit down with multiple colleagues to understand the current situation. And small but important decisions can be made by team members, without having to report to the project or production manager.

Having accurate data on what everyone in the business is working on, and the implications of this work instantly available creates a stronger agency, as everyone is encouraged to make the right decisions. Projects run more smoothly and are more agile. Team members are empowered and there are less blockers to project progress. This is all true when the team are working in the office, but even more so when teams are remote and there isn't always the luxury of speaking to numerous people before making a decision, big or small.

Financial reporting on projects

With Synergist, the Financial Director can pull off a report any time, from any location and see where projects are up to against budget and other metrics. There is no need to physically sit down with the Account Managers or Directors, who may be working remotely themselves, on holiday, in meetings or may need to travel from a different location. What’s more, there’s no explorative work, trying to understand the figures, which is sometimes an impossible task. Accurate figures, driven by live data are immediately available. And the origin of the figures is clearly visible, including the root cause of any emerging issues.

These financial reports don’t only ensure that financial reporting is timely and accurate. They reduce admin, remove errors and whittle out unnecessary progress meetings. This is all extremely useful when working from remotely, or even another time zone where it’s not easy to just ask a colleague a question. With the whole team using Synergist, you can trust that what's in front of you is correct and up-to-date. So you can get on with processing the information without any need for additional conversations or meetings.

Business planning

As well as reporting on the health of individual projects. Synergist also allows you to look at pipeline and billing for the agency. In billing plans you can see what’s going to be billed and what’s tentative. Tentative work is also weighted, so there's a clear indication of how likely the work is to land, plus this can be adjusted over time so it’s always an honest view. Having confidence in these figures, and knowing it’s a live picture, avoids having to ask around in order to ascertain whether or not more tentative work is coming in or if/when it will be confirmed. All this information is stored and easily accessible within Synergist. So you have access to this key information wherever you are, without needing your colleague's input.

This really helps the Financial Director and Managing Director ensure that there's always a steady flow of work. Being able to access this information remotely means that these key roles don’t need to be in the office to look at this crucial information. So there are no delays when billing plans aren’t as strong as they should be.

It also means that any role with a target to bring in new work, can see where they’re up to against their target and act accordingly, no matter where they’re working from.

If you would like more detailed information on how Synergist supports remote working, our implementation partners, The Agency Works, ran a series of webinars for Synergist users. You can catch-up on these working from home webinars but please note, they're ideally suited to someone who is familiar with the product.