Track new business opportunities & manage your agency's pipeline


Converting leads into concrete new business can be a delicate, long-term process. So effective new business tracking and pipeline management is essential to make sure no potential sales fall through the cracks. And to correctly anticipate what work's coming into your agency.

In resource-driven environments such as agencies and other project-based businesses who manage multiple projects, managing your project pipeline is also important to make sure you have the capacity within your project teams to deliver the work you win. It's a constant balancing act to attract the right projects at the right time.

Synergist helps you:

  • With a project pipeline management tracker to assist your management of all leads to see if they have been effectively followed-up
  • Create 'action' and 'to-do' lists with automated email reminders for follow-ups needed
  • View sales to both new business and repeat business opportunities - with a drill down of details so can you assess where the weight of your new business is coming from
  • New business and pipeline reporting and analysis to help overall business forecasting

By managing all your new business opportunities and repeat business and up-selling opportunities in one complete CRM system, your new business tracking system gives you a full 360◦ view of your sales forecast without the need for any re-entry of information.

Why integrate new business data with project-based data?

It's very easy to see new business as a function that sits outside your projects. An externally-facing function that brings in the work, which is then dropped into the normal project process and the new business manager then goes back out into the wild to close more sales.

But if your agency's new business function and sales pipeline sits outside of your agency's operations, then you open yourself up for an array of staffing complications and missed opportunities.

Pipeline management that's optimally-performing will look at the types of projects that are most profitable and look to bring in more of these. As well as holding all current project data, Synergist holds data on completed projects so it's easy to see which projects have delivered the best results. This can be immediately identified with a custom report. So your team chase the right leads, to win the most profitable type of work.

The sales team should also be able to see what type of work is needed to ensure project teams are always working at maximum capacity. For example, if design have some free time coming up, sales can look to fill this gap with new work.

And lets not forget external work is only half the pool. For agencies, a major revenue stream is existing clients. You can track in Synergist when a client has expressed an interest in a new piece of work and you can match this to skill availability.

With Synergist, you can also pull of an immediate report to show which clients are most profitable, so you can ensure you don't fill your schedule with work that, based on factual historical data, is likely to run over.

So your agency's pipeline is realistic, inclusive of internal and external opportunities and efficiently managed.