Track your new business opportunities & pipeline

Converting leads into concrete new business can be a delicate, long-term process. So effective new business tracking is essential to make sure no potential sales fall through the cracks.

In resource-driven environments such as agencies and other project-based businesses who manage multiple projects, tracking your project pipeline is also important to make sure you have the capacity within your project teams to deliver the work you win. It's a constant balancing act to attract the right projects at the right time.

Synergist helps you:

  • a project pipeline tracker to manage all leads and see they have been effectively followed up
  • create action and to-do lists with email reminders for follow ups needed
  • view sales to both new business and repeat business opportunities - with a drill down of details
  • new business reporting and analysis to help overall business forecasting.

By managing all your new business opportunities and repeat business opportunities in one complete CRM system, your new business tracking system gives you a full 360◦ view of your sales forecast without the need for any re-entry of information.

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