A system to help you manage your digital assets

Synergist offers full integration with Flowzone the popular online approval and digital asset management system. Synergist and Flowzone help you manage your digital assets by allowing you to drag and drop digital assets into Flowzone. From there, clients can access the system and feedback, request amends or if you're lucky, approve.

The benefits of integration with Flowzone digital asset management software are:

  • easier to send proofs via the web approval system then email
  • smarter mark-up, commenting, collaboration and tracking of proofs
  • reduced time spent by account handlers on manual approval processes
  • No niggles over what was approved down the line (it's all there in black and white)
  • all clients' digital assets stored in one location giving them secure online access
  • your own library of digital assets is built with excellent search facilities
  • no stuffed inboxes full of duplicate proofs
  • client conflict avoided over issues of poor communication

For Synergist clients who do not have Flowzone but like the sound of a simpler sign-off process, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a free trial.

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