Manage your emails efficiently and never misplace an email again

Unfortunately, emails get lost. Unless you're using a strict email management process they can accidentally get marked as read and forgotten about or mistakenly sandwiched within an email chain.

Synergist's email management function prevents you missing or misplacing important emails with a smart email integration feature, allowing you to manage your emails by assigning them to their relevant project or task. This assignment is made easy because the feature sits within wider agency management software, so emails go to the right place, and are seen by the right people. What's more, with the Synergist app you can access all this on the go. 

Synergist's email filing feature will aid agency collaboration and better communication with clients by allowing everyone in your agency to:

  • capture all important email communication using your regular email interface
  • file all captured email as a note against the relevant job or client
  • give relevant team members all attachments as shared files
  • trigger the creation of new emails directly from Synergist with easy selection of likely recipients
  • make sure that every email file is tracked
  • access all captured email information via desktop, web browser or mobile app

So, everyone is constantly in the loop, sharing all key information and avoiding errors due to breakdowns in communication.