CRM software to keep your agency's client and prospect data in order

Synergist offers a CRM system that is fully integrated with the project management function. Not only does this mean you don't have to enter client data twice but the CRM software helps you keep a track on all client interaction on a daily basis.

The Synergist CRM tools offer functionality for you to log client emails, to-do actions, and other correspondence. You can also create and action new activities based on your correspondence. And, if any of your messages raise alarm bells, you can create 'job alerts' that will send the troublesome message to an assigned manager for their urgent attention.

The CRM software is not only about managing clients. You can also track all correspondence with prospects to help manage new business pipeline. You'll know when you last spoke, what was said and whether or not they've been reading your agency's marketing emails in the meantime.

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