Capacity planning and resource management software for your agency.

The project capacity planning module in Synergist helps you strategically manage your resource precisely, yet easily, with a simple drag & drop interface. This capacity management software helps you maximise your team to ensure everyone in your agency or consultancy is working at capacity and you are billing as much time as possible, and you see all your capacity data in real time and in the long and short term. 

With Synergist's agency capacity planning software you can:

  • view demand by skill, department or team over the coming days, weeks or months
  • accurately manage your resource utilisation by comparing demand with availability and allocating your recourse accordingly. Helping you spot potential pitfalls early to avoid over-demand or downtime
  • drill down to see where demand is coming from to help spot over-servicing
  • perform “what if” analysis to see how winning some prospective business would impact on your resource and capacity.
Capacity Management Tool Screenshot

Effective capacity planning and the wider business

Seeing your team's capacity as clearly and easily as you do in Synergist's capacity management tool has a number of benefits that ripple across the business.

You can see capacity over any timeframe you require. So as well as informing your immediate resource allocation requirements, you can take stock of long-term capacity. This gives you factual information to base your recruitment needs upon. Project-based working is always battling with peaks and troughs and it's all-to-easy to think you need a new recruit. When indeed it was just a busy time for that skill or department. But if  you can see that, developer's time for example is scheduled at full capacity or over capacity for an extended period of time, then it's a clear indicator that you need to recruit in this area. Realising this early on can save a lot of time and money on expensive freelancers. It also keeps projects running and helps prevent bottle necks and delays.

Clarity on team capacity is also a great tool for new business as it can inform the type of work they should chase in order to keep everyone's time scheduled on chargeable work. Helping to keep the team at capacity by plugging gaps. For example, if there is a quiet time for design coming up, then new business can use this to push work through and potentially please prospects or existing clients with short lead times. Sometimes, the draw of a quick start can be all that's needed to get final sign off on the job.