Synergist is the UK's leading Agency Management Software that helps you optimise resources, improve profitability and gain the insight to drive agency performance.

500+ top-performing agencies — with 10 to 500+ people  use Synergist software

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Is your agency wasting time using siloed systems and spreadsheets?

Synergist brings together all elements of your agency in one integrated management system  including CRM, job costing, project planning, scheduling, timesheeting, invoicing, comms and reporting all-in-one system – to remove admin and errors, improve project management and control profitability across your agency.

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Gain the insight to drive your agency performance 

The real power of the Synergist system comes from the reporting. It gives you live data on how your agency is performing and helps you understand what is making money.

You can easily forecast pipeline, revenue, costs and profit, see utilisation and capacity, and monitor project performance – all at the touch of a button. 

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Improve your project and agency profitability

Underquoting or over-servicing clients?

Synergist gives you real-time visibility so you can quote accurately, avoid going over budget and invoice your clients correctly.

It shows you how much time has been spent versus what’s been estimated, which services make money, how profitable each client is, and much more.

Deliver projects smoothly, on time and on budget

When you’re in the business of selling time, how your team use their time has the biggest implication on profit.

Synergist gives you an end-to-end project management solution allowing you to manage, control and visualise every aspect of your jobs from project planning and scheduling, to collaboration and billing schedules.  

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More reasons to love Synergist


Integrates with leading accounting systems


No re-entering of data needed. Synergist creates a seamless workflow for invoicing and purchasing, with transaction-level support for nominal codes.


Flexibility and functionality to grow with you

Bird flying

Powerful configuration ensures Synergist works the way you need today and means as your business develops it can meet your future needs.


Exceptional implementation service and ongoing support

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Our support team is made up of experienced senior-level agency and system specialists to ensure the best service level.

We recognise that each agency is unique

Schedule a personal demo and we'll tailor it for your specific needs

Our implementation partner, The Agency Works, will contact you to arrange your demo. Their extensive agency experience means they can guide you towards the most effective set-up to help you save time, increase profits and ultimately achieve your goals.