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Synergist is the UK's leading Agency Management System that helps you optimise your resources, improve profitability and gain the insight to grow your agency.

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500+ top-performing agencies — with 10 to 500+ people  use Synergist

Synergist is brimming with features

...that enable your agency to earn more, through calculated growth as well as increasing staff utilisation for more opportunities to bill right away.

An investment in Synergist will bring visibility and clarity to your agency, helping you to 

  • Save hours on manual financial reporting and the re-entering of data
  • See enlightening reports in an instant for a continual agency health check
  • Spot emerging issues quickly to ensure more hours are billable
  • Better-manage capacity and staff utilisation for more chargeable hours

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Financial reporting that takes seconds

Hours saved with immediate financial reporting that’s based on accurate, live data. Free-up your Financial Director to help grow your agency, knowing that key reports including new business, income and billing forecast, WIP and more are all available in an instant, and are always accurate. 

Sales forecast from billing plans split by market sector

Agency Billing Plan by Job

Billing plans you can be guided by

Billing plans not only give you an honest reflection on forecasted profit, highlighting confirmed and tentative work. But exclusive 'hours sold' functionality shows you how many scheduled hours are billable. So you can ensure your team aren’t only working to capacity, but that you’re getting paid for as much of their time as possible. As staff are typically an agency’s greatest expense, getting this right has a huge impact on revenue.

Estimating that steers the project from the start

Your estimate is the essential first step towards a profitable project. Synergist’s estimating and quoting are linked, so you can clearly see the actual hours a project will take to deliver vs the quoted amount. Meaning any discrepancies are deliberate, calculated and visible in all reporting. Projects are no longer set-up to blindly over-service before they even begin.

Agency Estimate for Microsite

Alerts that stop issues spiralling

Alerts are a gift in busy agency environments. They ensure nothing goes un-noticed, good or bad. Over-servicing doesn’t spiral, and budget progress is always evident. Alerts, along with handy visual dashboard views, are a constant sense-check on where a project, or the agency health overall, is up to. Issues can be plugged quickly, and a project’s profits are protected.

Every week that you don’t use Synergist, you’re missing out on all this. What is this costing your agency?  

What else will Synergist give you?


Integrates with your preferred accounts system

Synergist focuses on what it does best: agency management. Then links seamlessly to your preferred accounts system so you’re always getting best in class.


Continued support as you develop and grow

Synergist is configurable and will grow with your agency. And along the way, expert consultants The Agency Works, can help tune your system to meet your changing needs.

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Access to support whenever you need it

UK-based support from real human beings. Our extremely knowledgably team are at the end of the phone or on email so there’s always someone who can help.

Book your demo

Your personal demo will take around 15 minutes and be tailored to you

Your demo will be delivered by our implementation partners, The Agency Works. They'll contact you to get you booked in.

During your demo, they'll focus on the areas that matter to you. Listening to your goals and understanding your current set-up, they'll guide you through how Synergist can help and what can be achieved.