One system to manage your agency

Synergist is the UK's leading Agency Management System. One complete system providing the control and visibility your agency needs to optimise resources, improve profits and grow.

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500+ top-performing agencies — with 10 to 500+ people  use Synergist

Synergist covers everything you need... effectively and painlessly manage your agency. With features spanning both the effective delivery of projects and pin-sharp financial reporting, Synergist replaces the need for a complicated mix of siloed tools, plug-ins and spreadsheets. Everything in is one, full system. 

Once you’re using Synergist, you’ll gain:

  • Extremely accurate financial reporting including profit forecasting.
  • Confusion-free collaboration on project delivery, with clear priorities.
  • Better staff utalisation for more billable hours.
  • Increased commercial thinking and a heightened team awareness of issues such as over-servicing and under-estimating.
  • Hours saved on reporting and update meetings.
  • Virtually no re-entering of data, heaps of pre-populated and automated fields for scheduling, timesheets and more.

Intrigued how everything connects up in Synergist?   See how Synergist flows

Immediately see what matters to you

The second you log in, you’ll see a dashboard view, which is a personal health check on all your areas of responsibility. Project progress vs budget, pipeline, billing and more. It’s all there in black and white – well actually, it’s colourful, visual, easy-to-digest tables, charts and more.

Management dashboard

sales forecast from billing plans with split by market sector

Hours saved and accurate reporting gained

Pulling together information from across the system, including timesheets, Synergist gives you an immediate view on live financials. Your Financial Director, Account Directors, Operations and more save hours with no complicated unravelling of project information in an attempt to deduce profitability. Key reports including billing, period profitability forecast and WIP can be gleaned in an instant, as often as you need and they’re always accurate.

Commercial thinking with clear priorities

Kanban boards give everyone a clear picture on their evolving priorities and act as a guide to project progress and bottlenecks.

Synergist’s schedule saves time with pre-populated fields and functionality to drag and drop tasks straight from the estimate. Clarity on scheduled work gives everyone a clear view on how long work should take so they know when over-servicing will begin. Functionality to attach documents to the scheduled jobs mean less time hunting for information and it’s often possible to immediately pick-up the next task with little or no briefing.

Kanban board for managing agency activities

Agency resource management with capacity levelling

Maximise profit opportunities

The capacity planner integrates with the schedule to let you know in red, amber and green which individuals and departments are over or under-loaded so you can maximise utilisation. When teams are consistently over-loaded then it’s a sign of recruitment needs, rather than using profit-reducing freelancers. Under-loaded departments can offer guidance to new business teams on the types of work to chase.

Support when you need it

You get unlimited support from Synergist’s helpdesk. Available on phone and email, knowledgeable human beings are on hand to ensure you get the most from your system. Every helpdesk member is based in the UK, in fact they’re mostly sat with the developers. So there is nothing we can’t help with, well nothing Synergist-related anyway, we’re not sure what colour you should paint your kitchen.

All this and much more...

How many headaches could Synergist save you?

Get to grips with Synergist and start effectively managing your agency.

"At the end of every day I generate a report that shows all the key information which I use to email the account managers with updates, slippages, etc.  At a quick glance I can see everything.”


See the full story of how much CleverCherry achieve with Synergist.

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What else will Synergist give you?


Keep your existing  accounting systems

Don’t compromise on your systems. Treat yourself to the best agency management system, and then integrate seamlessly with the accounts system you’re already using.


You only need to do this once

Synergist will take you from 10 to around 500 people so as you evolve, so too will your system. And if you need to tweak things a little, expert consultants The Agency Works can help.

Mortar board

Access to years of best-practice knowledge

Implementation is done by The Agency Works. They’ve years of experience working with the UKs leading agencies. During implementation, and beyond, they’ll share their best practise advice.

Book Your Demo

A demo that's focused on your goals, typically taking just 15 minutes.

Our implementation partners, The Agency Works, will deliver your demo and they'll be in touch to arrange it.

They'll tailor the experience to your agency, your goals and current headaches and show you what can be achieved with Synergist, offering their best practise advice. Over the last 15 years, The Agency Works have worked with many of the UK's top agencies.